Just got this great pic from one of our happy customers- looks like a fabulous event!



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And off to the foothills of the beautiful Malvern range we went once more, and wasn’t the weather just totally splendid, making all those awesome campervans look even more shiny..and yes it was tres busy on the bunting front, I just can’t sew them quick enough, so thanks to all that purchased and waited patiently, special thanks to the French contingent who thought long and hard for the French translation of bunting and came up with “le bunting” ! JOLIE !
Highlight of the show for me had to be the Danbury CADDY conversion, of course I had drawn a blueprint of this awesome vehicle a couple of years back but let it languish in a drawer like most Leonardo types with great ideas, however I must say they did a very good job even though there was no price tag displayed (?) It’s priceless!!
Anyway back to the bunting, and thanks to James for sending the fine fine pic of Becky with her van Millie, looking good kiddo!!! I’ll take the van please!!!

Well time to get the jet wash and wax out… Maybe see you at Brighton Breeeeze on 6 October… Get the Who on the cassette deck… Loud as it will go (which is not that loud deffo not loud enough) see you there hope I have not offended any locals this time (it was a joke Keith)

















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Whitenoise VW Norwich News

Just back from Naaarrrrwhidge after a sunny/windy/rainy weekend….. Lots of bunting fun was had as usual, however the new craze for “dog bunting” was quite disturbing… See photo. Doesn’t look like a happy dog to me! But his owners were over the moon….! I suppose he looks cute…. Hmmmmm…

Anyway, gutted Alan Partridge never showed up, or Bernard Matthews for that matter, never even had any Colman’s mustard…. Must try harder next year.

Thanks to everyone that held the stall structure together during the storm, and the kids that ran all over the field chasing flags that had blown away in the gale force wind!

And thank you to the ever reliable and comfytastic T25 Kameo, D.o.b. 1985. Love you lots. Need some headlights though, not candles…..

See you at Skeg Vegas in a couple of weeks…


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Camperjam Mudfest Survival

Good grief Charlie Brown! Does it HAVE to rain at every camping event???

Camperjam12, the latest venue for our bit leaky muddy bunting stall, thanks to all that braved the quagmire and incongruously purchased clean fresh ironed not at all caked in mud bunting .

And a massive thanks to Mr.Tractman for pulling us out of the trenches!

Still going next year though




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Stanford Hall VW show

Thanks to everyone that visited us at the windy VW Show at the beautiful Stanford Hall in Leicestershire this weekend, 1st July, we all had a great time, special thanks to “the sewing machine man”, who serviced our old Singer on site and sorted out the tension on the bobbin. Magic stuff.

See you all next week at CAMPERJAM,
Weston Park Staffordshire, it’s going to be a big weekend!!!


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brilliant bunting springs into action for 2012

hello everyone- my goodness it’s been a long time since our last post- we’ve been sourcing lovely new fabrics and looking into new areas of bunting burdgeonment. (if that’s a word!)-

It’s been too cold to venture out on the road, however we have been displaying our wares at the humungous Queens Medical Centre in good old Nottingham-

we will be going again on the following dates-

Friday 13 April,

Monday 9 July

Thursday 9th August

Friday 12 October

More news soon- got lots of sewing to do!!!


love from sarah x

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still recovering from excessive sewing at the wonderful VANFEST in Malvern- only the biggest VW Transporter show in EUROPE>>>> woo hoo!!!

So busy only had time to take one photo….

See you next year.. saving for the California but dream on!!! 

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Bunting and Campervans!

Friday night did not bode well for a weekend of outdoor activities. As my son and I headed off for the Camperjam the heavens opened in a glorious fashion.. Again I was relying on my dad’s trusty V.W. After what seemed like a lifetime of thunder and rain we finally made it to Weston Park. What an absolutly beautiful place.

Saturday morning and for the rest of the weekend amazing sunshine.

We would like to thank the orgainisers for a fantastic festival.

It seems you campervan guys and gals are Bunting crazy.

As usual here are some happy customers. Apologies for all of the people we haven’t included here. Keep checking our facebook page…you never know you might be on there soon!!

Alan. Flora. Betsy. Darcey.

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just-so festival in leek- hidden away in the tall trees- did you find us?

This gallery contains 23 photos.


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